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How To Collect Money After Winning A Judgment

Even after someone has won a lawsuit, they are left in the dark when it comes to collecting the money that was awarded in the judgment the court will not do it for you. Most financially sound individuals or businesses will pay a judgment entered against them. The rub is, one has to ask and not everyone does. Many assume they will get paid but should try asking.

However, not everyone will be as willing to simply reach out knowing that many will not ask regarding judgment claims collection. Those that are owed a judgment even wondering how to collect a judgement from a business assume without knowing all the facts and that's not a good sign of intelligence. They assume everyone sees life as they do. Not everyone is so virtuous.

In many states, the little smaller cases known as small claims court representative will mail out the case decision a couple of days to half a month after the judge hears that issue. The victor gets a money judgment and turns into the judgment creditor. The failure turns into the judgment account debtor.

On the off chance that one sued various individuals or enforcing judgment against a company, the judgment ought to show who owes how much. A few defendants probably won't owe anything, or the judge may decide that their risk at a greatest sum. In any case, a judgment against numerous gathering partners will probably be mutually and severally liable, implying that every defendant will be 100% in charge of paying the awarded judgment. They'll need to work out repayment among themselves.

In most states, it's wise to wait after a judgment is rendered. Why? Because in most states, the losing party has a right to appeal for usually 30 days. As for judgement collection help, there is no need to prod the judgment debtor who lost the case, and nothing can be accomplished until the appeal time is over.

MOST don't collect their judgments. Why? Not many know the small claims judgement process to effectively collect. Many just give up and move on.

FACTS. Percentage of judgments that remain uncollected in California: 81%. That's why the small claims judgment collection business can be a goldmine for those that begin.

As for a business, this is a GREEN LIGHT. It is a simple process that anyone can begin. Setting the business up is like starting a simple assembly line.

How much can one collect?

You send out 100 solicitation letters to judgment holders and you'd likely end up with 30 to 35 judgments to collect.

  • Realistically, you'll be able to collect about 50%-60% of those cases.
  • This means you'd collect on 15-17 judgments.
  • The plaintiff who won the judgement, assigns their rights, title and interest in the judgement over to you.
  • Figuring you winning percentage of 7- 9 judgment at an average of $2,000 is $16,000 split with the plaintiff.
  • You collect $8,000 plus the accrued interest and enforcement cost expenses for each judgment.

We show you how to start by sending out 100 letters. 

How difficult is it to collect a judgment ? There is a statute of limitations which vary from state to state. Many are for 6 years, 10 years, 20 years. Then there is Delaware where there is no limit and no statute of limitation. See: http://www.cardreport.com/laws/judgement-sol.html for the statute of limitations for individual states if you're interested in a legal judgment claims business for your state.

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