Judgment Enforcement

Judgment Enforcement


For Those who need to collect a debt judgment and need professional enforcement of judgment procedures

2. Entrepreneurs who want to start a sustainable business for which there exists a never ending demand stream of customers

When a judgment is arrived at by the official decision of a court of law, the winner of the lawsuit is entitled to a money award. A jury may find that the defendant is liable and decree that a certain monetary award be awarded to the plaintiff..

The plaintiff has various options available for obtaining the court award. One avenue is garnishing the judgment debtor’s wages or if the debtor has property, to place a lien on it.

In following through, there are certain procedures that need to be addressed in order to knowledgeably pursue collections. The creditor may request an information subpoena. This is a legal document that requires the debtor to answer questions in regards to the location of all his or hers assets, all financial and banking accounts as well as employment and wage information.

Since this is a court matter, the debtor must comply otherwise they will need to appeal in court to explain why they did not provide the information. If they do not appear in court, a contempt order will be issued by the court until this information is provided.

With the debtors information at hand, the plaintiff can proceed and seize the debtor’s personal property as a way of enforcing a money judgment. It is best to have an authoritative judgment recovery guide at hand or rely on professional help to aid in recovery of a judgment court order. Typical fees for judgment recover are 50% of the court awarded judgment. For larger amounts above $20,000, fees can be as low as 35%.

A court ordered judgment is worthless unless it is enforced. About 85% of legal claims are not collected. Those court ordered funds of the debtor need to located and seized in order to satisfy and implement the judgment. With special knowledge and training this process is available to those who want to put in the effort. You’ll find your debtor’s bank accounts, real estate, investment accounts, business assets, cars, boats, trucks, and more and you’ll have the legal authority to seize as much as required to satisfy the obligated debts owed.

Thousands of judgments (financial, property, and emotional damages are assessed and the plaintiff sues for that amount) are awarded for serious cash legal orders to pay certain cash amounts are filed in court houses every day. However the court does NOT Inforce the collection. That is left up to the person who is awarded the judgment.

If the defendant loses the case, he or she is ordered by the court to pay the plaintiff - That is half the battle, the other half is collecting that amount.

When a judgement is awarded, it is up to the plaintiff to collect the money. So what can judgment creditors do? The court system offers no recourse, no collection, no debtors prision, no recovery followup; once the judge has made his or her decision, the court has no further responsibility. There are a few creditors that turn to attorneys to help in the recovery of awarded money, but very few lawyers are in the business of judgment recovery.

Knowing this and as human nature has it, most defendandants don't cough up the money (80% is the accepted number in the industry for the percentage that do not pay the awarded judgment). It's up to the plaintifff to follow up and many to most awards die by the wayside due to complacency and inaction.

Judgment Recovery is a organized course that targets assets of a defendent can be located so the court can be utilized to seize those assets to pay off the debt.

A finders fee of 50% of the judgment is standard. You get 50% of the judgment for every assignment, besides you will charge for accured interest + all expenses incurred..

Realistic collections are about 50%- 60%. Where can you make serious profits while helping victims recover money they never would have received without you going to bat for them?

Professional Judgment Recovery & Small Claims Processing Course Overview

Marketing Plan For Getting Work
How To Reasearch Case Files At The Courthouse
Analysing Small Claims Court vs. Civil Judgments
Pinning Down a Case Giving You an Extra Edge You Need To Win
Systemizing Your Research
Investigation Procedure For Locating People
Investigation Procedure For Locating Assets
Core Marketing Letters And Forms To Stand Out
Case Management - Negotiation and Client Interaction
Negotiating Fees , Contracts, Agreements And Assignments (Forms)
Filing Contacts, Agreements And Assignments
Recovery of Post-Judgment Interest and Expenses For Extra Earnings
Judgment Recovery Business Aspects
Debtor Negotiation Methods
Asset Recovery Methods
Recovering Assignment Costs and Collection Technicality Negotiations
Useful Tools and Glossary of Terms

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Step-By-Step instructions on how to set up the business and start off running.
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All the pre-written forms, letters, customer contracts you'll ever need to do business ($99 + Value)

Invaluable Cover Letter and Agreement Form, Advisor/Agency Authorization Form, Sample Solicitation Letters, Advertising Mock-Ups, Purchase Agreements, Writ of Execution, Assignment Order, Debtor Profile Sheets, Earnings Withholding Order, Memorandum of Costs, Final Judgment Recovery Letter, Instructions To Levying Officer Form, Community Property Assignment Form

PLUS: Smart office resources database for locating a debtor. In most states, judgments are good for ten years. Accumulated assets are ripe for allocation using smart office resources.

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